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Weapons charges constitute a wide range of violations dealing with weaponry and firearms. In particular, most cases involve illegal possession, concealment, or use of a firearm. As it is more of a broader term, weapon charges are typically considered additional convictions, or crimes that are added to another violent offense, such as robbery or murder.

If you have been arrested on weapons charges, you could be facing some of the strictest punishments in the legal system. Depending on the circumstances, you might be accused of breaking both state and federal laws, and could be charged with a felony. Start protecting your rights and establishing a solid case that keeps your best interests in focus by contacting Attorney Cameron C. Secrist today.

What is considered a weapons violation in Colorado. Utah and Arizona?

Possessing, concealing, or using an unlawful weapon leads to the most common forms of weapon charge arrests. In many cases, however, the accused individual had not even been aware that they were in violation of the law.

In order to stand up for yourself in court, let The Law Offices of Cameron C. Secrist help you understand the primary forms of unlawful weapons, which include:

  • Dangerous weapons: While not necessarily illegal to own, dangerous weapons – such as firearm silencers and sawed-off shotguns – constitute a weapons charge offense when used unlawfully.
  • Illegal weapons: Certain items are outright unlawful to possess or use at any time, such as brass knuckles or switchblades.
  • Weapons of assault: Almost anything can constitute a weapons crime if paired with aggravated assault or murder charges. For example, a butter knife can be seen as a deadly weapon if the intent of its wielder was to cause serious harm or death to the victim.

Fight Your Charges with the Support of a Criminal Defense Attorney

When you have been arrested for weapons charges, your reputation and future freedoms could be on the line. As the violations are often paired with serious crimes, a conviction could put you behind bars for years and cost you thousands in fines and punitive damages to your accusers. Criminal defense attorney Cameron C. Secrist can help prove your innocence or dramatically reduce the penalties of your sentencing by providing you with unparalleled, client-focused representation.

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