Title Issues

When a title dispute arises, it is vital you take swift action to ensure your rights are protected. If such an issue is not effectively resolved, it can lead to all manner of complications and financial losses. A seemingly minor title defect can leave you open to costly litigation or limit your ability to sell your property. You may also have trouble securing financing. For these reasons, it is very important that you have a real estate lawyer look over any transaction you are making regarding titles and deeds. If you have found yourself in a situation whereby you are affected by a title defect, an attorney is also your best port of call as your first step in protecting your interests.

Taking Legal Action

At The Law Offices of Cameron C. Secrist, we provide skillful legal counsel while also remaining compassionate to your situation and needs. We will work tirelessly to find practical solutions that will help you move past this issue and on with your business activities. We have vast experience addressing a wide range of title defects. They can occur in a number of ways, from a deed containing ambiguous language or an incorrect legal description of the property. The property being encumbered by an easement or there may be an outstanding lien. Regardless of the particulars of the situation, we can assist you take the steps necessary to resolve the matter.

Our firm can assist with navigating the legal requirements you face and also represent you in negotiations or litigation. We will endeavor to resolve the matter before it progresses in severity but there are cases in which more dramatic legal action is required or you are unpredictably hit with such a situation.

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