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Titles and deeds are, of course, a fundamental and vital issue in the real estate process. In real estate, these can involve a number of complicated issues regarding such things as ownership, possession and taxes. Whether you are buying or selling a property, transferring or modifying the title, or are involved in a dispute regarding such matters, a Colorado real estate attorney can help. Whichever side of the transaction you are on, it is vital that you have legal counsel working to see that your interests are protected.

Addressing Your Needs

At The Law Offices of Cameron C. Secrist, we can assist with the legal basics involved in any issue of title and deeds. Although these are in some cases relatively simple, it is of utmost importance they be reviewed and addressed correctly, as one small mistake can have a tremendous legal impact. We can assist with a title search to ensure there are no liens for delinquent taxes or help with a quiet title action as needed. We can guide the matter to a legally binding and sound conclusion.

Often, there are many factors to be considered and a broad view needs to be taken in order to see that the action is being executed to your benefit and that of your business. Different kinds of deeds may be involved, such as a quitclaim deed, warranty deed, or grant deed. You may need to modify a deed due to certain business circumstances. We can advise as to your options and the legal ramifications of each, as well as offer creative solutions for the situations you are attempting to resolve.

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